高级口译:2020年3月26日外交部发言人耿爽 主持例行记者会

2020-03-27 10:21





  Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's

  Regular Press Conference on March 26, 2020


  I'd like to share some figures with you first. March 25 saw 401 patients cured and discharged from hospital in China's mainland, bringing the tally to 74,051.

  1  澎湃新闻记者:据报道,3月25日七国集团外长举行视频会议,美国务卿蓬佩奥在会后记者会上继续攻击中国政治制度,并再次将新冠病毒称为“武汉病毒”。中方对此有何评论?  The Paper: At a press availability after the Virtual G7 Ministerial on March 25, US Secretary of State Pompeo renewed his attacks on China's political system and once again referred to the coronavirus as "the Wuhan virus". What's your comment?


  Geng Shuang: We strongly condemn these remarks by Secretary Pompeo.

  正如中方多次指出,新冠病毒溯源问题是个复杂的科学问题,需要听取科学、专业的意见。世界卫生组织和国际社会都明确反对将病毒与特定国家和地区相联系,反对借此搞污名化。世卫组织和国际社会也都高度肯定中国的抗疫工作。然而,这个美国政客却执意逆国际共识而动,继续对中国搞污名化、诋毁抹黑中方抗疫努力,企图借此转移视线、转嫁责任,用心极其险恶。   As China has repeatedly pointed out, origin-tracing of the virus is a complicated matter, where we should rely on professional views from the science community. WHO and the international community explicitly object to linking the virus with specific countries or regions, or seeking stigmatization. They have commended China's response. However, this American politician continues to defy global consensus, stigmatize China and discredit its epidemic response. The sinister intention behind his attempt is to deflect attention at home and shift the blame to the innocent.

  必须指出,当前新冠肺炎疫情肆虐全球,美国国内疫情日益恶化。如果这个时候还不把精力用于自己本国的疫情防控,用于为国际抗疫合作营造气氛,反而一再挑起政治争端,破坏国际抗疫合作,这种政客还有什么道德可言?   I have to point out that the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the globe and the situation in the US is getting worse. Under such circumstances, if a politician keeps provoking political disputes and disrupting international cooperation in combating the virus, instead of focusing on containing the spread at home and contributing to global cooperation, what morality does he have?

  全世界人民都看得非常清楚,正是在中国共产党领导下,中国人民赢得了独立、自由和解放,在国家建设中不断取得辉煌成就;也正是在中国共产党领导下,中国人民万众一心、迅速行动,在这场抗疫斗争中取得了积极成效,为全球疫情防控争取了宝贵时间、作出了重要贡献。这些早已经是有目共睹的事实。   People of the world have all witnessed that it is under the leadership of the CPC that the Chinese people achieved independence, freedom and liberation and made enormous progress in national development. It is also under the leadership of the CPC that the Chinese nation united as one and speedily fought against COVID-19, buying precious time for the global response. These are plain facts for all to see.

  我们奉劝这个美国政客不要在错误的道路上越走越远,否则,只会进一步暴露他的虚伪和不良用心,只会进一步激起中国人民和世界各国人民的愤慨和反对。  We advise this politician not to go further down the wrong path, otherwise his hypocrisy and malign intentions will be further exposed, prompting more indignation and objection among the Chinese people and the international community.

  2  法新社记者:还是关于蓬佩奥有关言论的问题。蓬佩奥表示,G7外长同意他关于中国在新冠肺炎疫情问题上发动“假消息运动”的说法。中方对此有何评论?   AFP: Just one follow-up question on Secretary of State Pompeo's comments. He mentioned that the G7 foreign ministers agreed with him that China was waging a disinformation campaign about the coronavirus pandemic. So we wanted to ask what is China's comment?


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