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  The discovery of the atom and the subsequentdevelopment and utilization of nuclear energy gave anew impetus to the progress of humanity andgreatly enhanced mankind's ability to understandand shape the world. Yet, the development ofnuclear energy has associated risks and challenges.For mankind to better utilize nuclear energy andachieve even greater progress, it is necessary tomake innovations in nuclear technologies, ensure nuclear safety and do well in nuclearemergency preparedness. While nuclear safety constitutes a lifeline for the sustained andhealthy development of nuclear energy, nuclear emergency preparedness serves as animportant safeguard for its sustained and healthy development.


  Nuclear emergency preparedness denotes the emergency actions taken to control, contain andmitigate a nuclear accident, and to minimize the consequences of such accidents, which aredifferent from the normal order and working procedure. They are emergency response actionsguided by the government, assisted by the relevant enterprises, coordinated among all theinvolved parties and implemented in a unified manner. Nuclear emergency preparedness is ofparamount importance and bears on the overall situation, and is therefore of criticalsignificance to the protection of the general public, the environment and social stability aswell as safeguarding national security.


  China has consistently given top priority to nuclear safety in its peaceful use of nuclearenergy, and has persisted in an overall national security concept by advocating a rational,coordinated and balanced nuclear safety outlook. China has followed the approach of enhancingsafety for the sake of development and promoting development by upholding safety in anunrelenting effort to bring the dual goals of development and safety in alignment with eachother. In the past six decades or so, the Chinese people have been working with stamina anddiligence in the pursuit of nuclear energy utilization, with splendid achievements. At the sametime, the Chinese people have been sparing no effort to improve nuclear safety techniques,enforce rigorous nuclear safety supervision, strengthen nuclear emergency managementand ensure that nuclear energy has always maintained a sound safety record.


  Nuclear accidents know no national boundaries, and everything related to nuclear emergencymanagement is too important to be taken lightly. Drawing on the lessons learned from theThree Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents, China has come to a profoundunderstanding of the utmost importance of nuclear emergencies, and the need to continuouslystrengthen and improve nuclear emergency preparedness and responses with a view toconstantly enhancing the nuclear safety safeguard level. China has made great strides in afull range of nuclear emergency-related activities, including the enactment of regulations,codes and standards, the establishment of institutional and regulatory regimes, the building-up of basic capabilities, the fostering of professional personnel, related exercises and drills,public communication, and international cooperation and exchanges. This has not onlyprovided a robust safeguard for China's own nuclear energy development, but also contributedactively to the promotionof a fair, open, collaborative and mutually beneficial internationalnuclear safety emergency framework and mankind's sharing of nuclear energy developmentachievements.



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