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  In his latest speech on Friday, President Xi Jinping highlighted China’s firm stance on fighting terrorism and safeguarding regional peace at a time when the world is facing more security challenges than ever.


  Recent acts of terrorism show that the fight against the "three evil forces"-terrorism, separatism and extremism-remains a long and arduous task, Xi said in a speech at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. Xi wrapped up his four-day visit to the Central Asian country on Saturday.


  "Without security, there would be no development to speak of," he said.


  Xi’s trip to Kazakhstan has added impetus to building the Belt and Road Initiative, cements the bond among countries for the community of shared future and opens up broad prospects for peace and prosperity in the region, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday.


  The president’s strong voice against the three evil forces has led to practical results. During the summit, the member states signed the SCO Convention on Combating Extremism. The leaders of the SCO countries also issued a declaration to jointly fight international terrorism.


  Xi’s remarks came against the destabilizing backdrop of a series of recent terrorist attacks. The world is facing many uncertainties and people are expecting a brighter future despite their frustration with the current situation, the president said in a speech at the UN’s Geneva headquarters in January.


  How is a safer world to be built? That’s the question Xi has elaborated on in many major diplomatic occasions, including the SCO summits, since he took office in 2013.


  At the SCO summit in Astana, Xi pointed out that "destabilizing factors and uncertainties are on the rise". China is willing to work together with all parties to "build a common home of security, stability, development and prosperity", he said.


  While addressing the UN’s Geneva headquarters in January, Xi urged all nations to build a world of common security for all.


  "A country cannot have security while others are in turmoil, as threats facing other countries may haunt it also. When neighbors are in trouble, instead of tightening his own fences, one should extend a helping hand to them," he said.


  The notion of building a community of a shared future for all humankind, which was first put forward by Xi in late 2012, epitomizes the direction in which the Chinese government believes global governance should head.


  In March, the UN Security Council for the first time incorporated this concept into its resolution on promoting security and stability in Afghanistan and the region, showing the global recognition the proposal has won.



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