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  Remarks at the Ceremony of Presenting Zun of Peace from China to the United Nations

  中华人民共和国主席 习近平

  H.E. Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China


  27 September 2015

  纽约 联合国总部

  UN Headquarters, New York



  Your Excellency Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,

  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Dear Friends,


  This Zun of Peace is presented by the Chinese government as a gift to the United Nations to commemorate its 70th anniversary. Today, I am delighted to jointly unveil this gift with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


  Zun of Peace is modeled after Zun, a bronze ritual object used in ancient China. Zun means reverence in Chinese, and this bronze ritual object is highly important in traditional Chinese culture. This gift represents China’s high regard and support for the United Nations and the best wishes of the over 1.3 billion Chinese people to the organization.


  This work is mainly in the color of “Chinese red”, giving a warm and solemn touch to it. The dragons at the top represent guardians of peace, and the elephants and phoenixes on both sides convey wishes for prosperity across the world. The whole work is adorned with traditional auspicious patterns and elements of the Silk Road, representing China’s vision of peace, development, exchanges and cooperation. The seven flying doves symbolize 70 years of the United Nations’ dedication to world peace.


  Zun of Peace is made with the cloisonné technique, an intangible cultural heritage of China. This technique originated in regions to China’s west at that time and was further developed in China later. Zun of Peace represents the time-honored history and modern civilization of the Chinese nation; and it also stands as a symbol of exchanges and mutual-learning between different civilizations and cultures in pursuit of common progress.


  Zun of Peace expresses the aspiration of China and its people to promote peace, development, and win-win cooperation, which also underpins the UN Charter. As the organization enters a new decade, China will work with all countries to realize the dream of the United Nations.


  Thank you!

  Remarks at Event for the Presentation of a Gift from the People’s Republic of China


  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

  联合国秘书长 潘基文

  27 September 2015


  UN Headquarters


  Your Excellency President Xi Jinping, Xi Zhu Xi,

  Honorable First Lady of China, Madame Peng Liyuan,


  Distinguished Senior Officials from China and Our Senior Advisors of the United Nations,

  Ladies and Gentlemen,





  Zao shang hao!


  Your Excellency, Mr. President. It is a great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the United Nations Headquarters for your first visit as Head of State of China.


  Thank you for being here at a time when we are launching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and addressing a wide range of urgent global challenges.


  On behalf of the United Nations, I would like to express my great appreciation for this beautiful gift – the ‘Zun of Peace’. I understand the seven doves and the sun symbolize not only peace but also the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. Thank you for helping us to commemorate this milestone.


  This wonderful object will join another famous gift from your country – China – the stunning wall hanging, depicting the Great Wall of China, Wan Li Chang Cheng. You can see this….The United Nations has cherished [it] for nearly five decades and is seen by all those who visit the United Nations. When I was here in 1978, it was already there. I have been always appreciating this great icon of the United Nations.

  那么,您送的这一件礼物,和其他中国送给联合国的礼物一样,比如说,现在我们后面的这幅万里江山的图(实为中国赠送给联合国的长城挂毯), 它描绘了长城的景象,共同存放在联合国。我们后面的这幅万里江山图在联合国已经存放了长达50多年的时间,而且,所有经过的人都会忍不住驻足观看。我本人在1978年访问联合国的时候,这幅画就已经挂在这里了。我很高兴我们一直能够欣赏这样的一件礼品。

  I would also like to thank China and the Chinese people for the vital role it played in enabling the world to cut poverty in half, thereby meeting the Millennium Development Goals.


  The China’s perspectives, lessons and best practices are to continue to help the world as we embark on implementing the 2030 Agenda and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. These SDGs are the bold and integrated framework that will now guide towards a future of dignity for all.

  中国的观点、中国的经验、中国的最佳实践会进一步地帮助我们实现《2030发展议程》以及《可持续发展目标》。 这样的一些计划将会为我们提供大胆的、同时是整合性的整体框架,帮助我们实现全球发展的目标。

  I will also look for China’s continued strong leadership as Member States strive to reach a meaningful and universal agreement on climate change in Paris in December.


  The new gift, the “Zun of Peace”, embodies the close relations and shared values of China and the United Nations. I am glad that this beautiful gift will now have its home here at the UN Headquarters, to be seen and admired by all the delegates and staff and visitors alike.


  Mr. President, I thank you again and the people of China for your generosity and strong support. Thank you. Xie xie.


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