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  Dr. Joseph Nye,

  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Dear Friends,


  Good afternoon. It gives me great pleasure to discuss with you what China’s development means to the world.


  China has always been the focus of attention at the World Economic Forum (WEF), and more so this year with China unveiling a new round of comprehensive reform 35 years after the launch of its reform program. This will not only herald a new era for China’s development but also have extensive and positive impacts on the world.


  The day before yesterday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sent a special message to this year’s WEF annual meeting which you can find on the WEF website. It gives a comprehensive and authoritative explanation of the current state, reform and prospect of the Chinese economy. In his message, Premier Li pointed out that the sustained and sound development of the Chinese economy would offer new opportunities and inject new impetus to development of the world.


  China’s new round of reform will take place in political, economic, cultural, social and ecological dimensions. More than 300 major reform measures have been announced, covering over 60 fields under 15 categories. The reform is unprecedented in terms of its scope, depth and difficulty. I guess the questions you want to ask the most are: Will this round of reform be a great success just like the previous one? What will the reform bring to the world?

  Here, I want to tell you in clear terms that China has every confidence in the success of its reform.


  Our confidence comes from the fine tradition of constant self-improvement and the splendid civilization of the Chinese nation over 5,000 years. The Chinese nation has gone through many hardships and sufferings, but it has always emerged stronger. An important reason is that our nation has the fortitude to reform and improve itself. The Chinese people, at all times, have the courage, will and ability to carry out reform.


  Our confidence comes from the right path China has chosen. In the past 65 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have explored tirelessly and eventually found a development path that is suited to China’s conditions and supported by the entire Chinese nation. It is a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Our practice has proven and will continue to prove that as long as we remain steadfastly committed to this path, China will remain dynamic and acquire the driving force for development.


  Our confidence comes from the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The fact that the CPC is a ruling party with 86 million members represents our unique strength and most important resource. As long as the 86 million party members work in unison, they will generate an unrivalled force of positive energy that will enable us to surmount whatever difficulties and challenges in the reform process.


  Our confidence comes from the solid foundation China has laid and the rich experience it has gained. Since the start of reform and opening-up, China has progressed from poverty to prosperity. We used to “cross the river by feeling our way from one stone to another”. Today, we have the support of a comprehensive system of theories and policies. We know very well where our problems exist, and more importantly, we know how to have them resolved.


  Our confidence comes from China’s huge development space and potential. China is a big country with 1.3 billion people and an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. It thus has broad space for development whose great potential is yet to be tapped.

  At present, the gaps between urban and rural areas and between the central and western and the eastern regions in China remain wide. This is a major challenge China faces, but more importantly, it also spells hope for China’s future development. As reform deepens in China, waves of enormous demand will be unleashed, propelling China’s strong momentum of economic growth.

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