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  SECRETARY KERRY: Well, good morning, everybody. Excuse me. I’ve got a little allergies this morning, I think.


  I’m delighted to be here this morning for the second Human Rights report that I have issued as Secretary, and I’m particularly pleased to be here with our Acting Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Uzra Zeya, who as I think all of you know, is performing these responsibilities in the capacity as an interim assistant secretary but who has done just a spectacular job and has led the Department in a year-long process to track and make the assessments that are reflected here. So I thank her for a job particularly well done on this year’s Human Rights Report.

  我很高兴今天上午在这里发布我担任国务卿以来的第二份人权报告,而且我特别高兴与我们负责民主、人权和劳工事务的代理助理国务卿乌兹拉·泽雅(Uzra Zeya)一起在这里,我想大家都知道,她是作为临时助理国务卿在履行这些职责,而她做得极其出色,领导国务院在整个一年中跟踪并评估了这里所反映的内容。所以,我向她为今年的人权报告所做的杰出工作表示感谢。

  The fundamental struggle for dignity, for decency in the treatment of human beings between each other and between states and citizens, is a driving force in all of human history. And from our own nation’s journey, we know that this is a work in progress. Slavery was written into our Constitution before it was written out. And we know that the struggle for equal rights, for women, for others – for LGBT community and others – is an ongoing struggle. And it’s because of the courage and commitment of citizens in each generation that the United States has come closer to living up to our own ideals


  Even as we come together today to issue a report on other nations, we hold ourselves to a high standard, and we expect accountability here at home too. And we know that we’re not perfect. We don’t speak with any arrogance whatsoever, but with a concern for the human condition.


  Our own journey has not been without great difficulty, and at times, contradiction. But even as we remain humble about the challenges of our own history, we are proud that no country has more opportunity to advance the cause of democracy and no country is as committed to the cause of human rights as we are.


  This year’s report, we think, is especially timely. It comes on the heels of one of the most momentous years in the struggle for greater rights and freedoms in modern history.


  In Syria, hundreds were murdered in the dead of night when a disaster occurred at the hands of a dictator who decided to infect the air of Damascus with poisonous gas, and many more have been, unfortunately, confined to die under a barrage of barrel bombs, Scud missiles, artillery, and other conventional weapons.

  在叙利亚,一个独裁者决定在大马士革(Damascus)向空气中施放毒气,造成数百人一夜之间被杀害的灾难,还有更多人在密集的桶炸弹(barrel bomb)、飞毛腿导弹(Scud missile)、大炮和其他常规武器之下遭遇厄运。

  In Bangladesh, thousands of workers perished in the greatest workplace safety disaster in history.


  And from Nigeria to Russia to Iran, indeed in some 80 countries the world over, LGBT communities face discriminatory laws and practices that attack their basic human dignity and undermine their safety. We are seeing new laws like the Anti-Homosexuality Bill enacted by Uganda and signed into law by President Museveni earlier this week, which not only makes criminals of people for who they are, but punishes those who defend the human rights that are our universal birthright.

  从尼日利亚到俄罗斯到伊朗,事实上在全世界约80个国家中,男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者面临着攻击他们基本做人尊严和给他们安全造成危害的歧视性法律和行为。我们看到一些新的立法,如乌干达制定并由穆塞韦尼总统(President Museveni)于本周初签署成为法律的《反同性恋法案》(Anti-Homosexuality Bill)——不仅基于人身自本特征而将人定罪,而且惩罚那些捍卫我们的普世天赋人权的人。

  These laws contribute to a global trend of rising violence and discrimination against LGBT persons and their supporters, and they are an affront to every reasonable conscience, and the United States will continue to stand with our LGBT brothers and sisters as we stand up for freedom, for justice, for equal rights for all people around the world.


  And so with this year’s report, we join with many other nations in reaffirming our commitment to a world where speaking one’s mind does not lead to persecution, a world where practicing or changing one’s faith does not lead to imprisonment, and where marching peacefully in the street does not get you beaten up in a blind alley or even killed in plain sight.


  So let me be clear. This is not just some high-minded exercise. This is the most comprehensive, authoritative, dispassionate, and factual review of the state of human rights globally, and every American should be proud of it. That’s why Acting Assistant Secretary Zeya of the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor and our embassies and consulates around the world have spent countless hours researching and writing these reports, engaging activists, talking to governments, and analyzing NGO and media reports. And that’s why they capture the attention of dictatorships and democracies alike.

  因此,让我明确表示,这不只是某种高尚的使命,这是对全球人权状况最全面、权威、冷静和实事求是的审视,每个美国人都应该对此感到骄傲。这就是为什么国务院民主、人权和劳工事务局(Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor)的代理助理国务卿泽雅和我们在世界各地的大使馆及领事馆花了无数时日研究并起草这些报告、与活动人士接触、与各国政府交谈,并分析非政府组织和媒体的报告。这就是为什么这些报告令独裁政府和民主政府同样关注。

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