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  Part B

  Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear 2 passages in English. After you have heard each paragraph, interpret it into Chinese. Start interpreting at the signal……and stop it at the singal……You may take notes while you are listening. Remember you will hear the passages ONLY ONCE. Now let's begin Part A with the first passage.

  Passage 1:

  Canadians have a strong and increasing involvement in a wide range of cultural activities throughout the country. The performing arts are well established, with professional and amateur companies active in music, drama and dance. Canadian writing and painting have achieved growing international recognition in recent years. The educational system in Canada strongly encourages music, drama and the visual arts at all levels.

  Canada has a comprehensive social security system for the aged, disabled, sick and unemployed. The federal and provincial health-care services, mostly supported by the government, are available to all Canadians. Public hospital treatment, prenatal and maternity service, and many medicines are government subsidized, as is dental treatment for children.

  Passage 2 :

  Distinguished delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of New Zealand, I take the pleasure in welcoming you to the cultural, administrative, economic and financial center of New Zealand. I would like to extend my warmest greeting to all of you, delegates and representatives of international organizations involved in environmental protection, upon the opening of the Second Informal Meeting of the Environment Ministers.

  Environmental protection is very crucial. It is the priority of the government's agenda, In this sense, the Government of New Zealand has increased budget allocations for environmental management and provided opportunity to the Ministry of Environment to mobilize international support for the sector. Only during the last four years, government's budget for environmental protection has more than tripled.

  Passage 3




  Passage 1:



  Passage 2:



  Passage 3

  The task of writing a history of our nation from Rome's earliest days fills me, I confess, with some misgiving, and even were I confident in the value of my work, I should hesitate to say so. I am aware that for historians to make extravagant claims is, and always has been, all too common: every writer on history tends to look down his nose at his less cultivated predecessors, happily persuaded that he will better them in points of style, or bring new facts to light. Countless others have written on this theme and it may be that I shall pass unnoticed amongst them; if so, I must comfort myself with the greatness and splendor of my rivals.

  My task, moreover, is an immensely laborious one. I shall have to go back more than seven hundred years, and trace my story from its small beginnings up to these recent times when its ramifications are so vast that any adequate treatment is hardly possible. I shall find antiquity a rewarding study, if only because, while I am absorbed in it, I shall be able to turn my eyes from the troubles which for so long have tormented the modern world, and to write without any of that over-anxious consideration which may well plague a writer on contemporary life, even if it does not lead him to conceal the truth.

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